Top 5 Most Common Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repair

Nothing remains perfect for eternity, not even diamonds. Regardless of how careful and gentle you use your precious jewelry, accidents happen and your jewelry eventually might get damaged and require jewelry repair. Fortunately, bringing back the life and brilliance of your jewelry is easier than you think. Here at Oro Monaco, we understand the importance of every moment you share with your jewelry and we tend them with utmost care. We would be thrilled to share some tips on how to repair or get your jewelry repaired by experts with our years of experience in jewelry.

The Subtleties of Jewelry Repair

The first and foremost of maintaining your jewelry is caring for and preserving them under good conditions. Diamonds, for example, are gentle pieces of jewelry that need to be stored separately from other jewelry. That’s why they need to be protected ideally in pouches or boxes they are purchased in. Besides, cleaning them with gentle solutions as delicately as possible will help you keep their luster.

The same goes for silver, gold, platinum, pearls and etc. Those jewelry types also need to be protected from sunlight and needs to be kept away from perfume, hairspray, and any other strong products such as cleaning liquids. However, when jewelry is damaged, the repair process is quite a gentle process and it needs to be customized according to the metal type and damage. Shortly the repair needs to be completed by professional goldsmiths.

You share significant moments with your jewelry and each one has its own stories to tell. As Oro Monaco, we advise that you bring them to your nearest jewelry repair services provider for a more long-lasting and professional end result if you observe any damages. Oro Monaco’s skilled goldsmiths will then evaluate the damages and what work needs to be done on the jewelry. They will liaise with you to undo the necessary damages and bring back the old form of your jewelry.

Jewelry Repair

Meet the Jewelry Repair Methods

There are certain repair methods you need to choose from, depending on the damage to your jewelry. The most common top 5 repair types might include below:

  1. Polishing and cleaning: We tend to hold precious things dear to us, especially if those things are diamonds. If you consider you have been wearing them every day in your life, they definitely need a good cleanse to get rid of the built-up dirt, soap, and cream residues on them. A trusted jewelry repair store can make sure to clean them spotless with the right jewelry repair tool. Alternatively, you can purchase DIY jewelry cleaning solutions to make sure your jewelry remains spotless.
  2. Chain and clasp repairs: If you wear Monaco Chain Classic Pave Lock women’s bracelet at the beach while showering and with every outfit and for the occasion, it is likely that your jewelry can have worn-off pieces such as chains and clasps in time and that requires a gentle touch to bring them back. Clasps and chains might require utmost attention during the repair. With a few small touches, your jewelry should be back to its original brilliance.
  3. Sizing and soldering rings: We tend to change during the course of our lives. One day you can perfectly fit your wedding ring on your finger and 20 years after, you might get difficult to fit it in or you might feel it getting loosened. This is especially important if you are having a diamond ring that tends to move around and get scratched or tarnished by corrosion in time. If you want to find the perfect size, you are in the right place. All you need to do is to get them resized and soldered to have the dream look on your fingers.
  4. Prong, ring, and setting replacement or repairs: The first sign of understanding whether your ring needs prong replacement or repair, is if your ring starts to snag your clothing. Prongs hold those pretty diamonds and other precious gems in place and they can get damaged or broken in time. If not tended immediately, you can lose the stone in no time. Therefore if you experience any snagging while wearing your clothes, washing the dishes, or sleeping, it is time to get your ring examined by professionals. If you lose multiple prongs, this can require a replacement of the head and setting, but the process will leave you with an eased mind as you will feel better knowing that your stone is safe.
  5. Replacement of missing or damaged jewelry stones: Missing or damaged stones might be an end result of a strong blow or missing prongs. If you are lucky, professionals can secure the gems during an early inspection. For example, if you have Monaco Chain Classic Pave Lock women’s bracelet and have lost a stone in your jewelry, we will find the best match to make your jewelry whole again. 

You can also prefer to have other services such as smoothing out the edges of worn-out rings, replacing your jewelry with deteriorated color, clasp, butterfly repairs, adding missing chains, or fixing any broken catches are some of the most common repairs. Repolishing or replacing old and damaged jewelry stones can also help your jewelry to look as good as new for both diamonds and any semi-precious jewelry. 

If your jewelry is semi-precious and if you are looking for an urgent solution to fix it as soon as possible, there are online jewelry repair kit options that you can buy out there to help you fix simple damages. Those kits can help you replace clasps, repair the chain, broken necklace or bracelet chains, and remove tangles and knots from chains. DIY solutions on the other hand can remove the build-up dust, dirt, and oxidized layer. Alternatively, find the jewelry repair store options by searching jewelry repair near me or jewelry repair stores near me to make sure your jewelry is there to last. 

Most common or not, Oro Monaco is here to handle all your jewelry repairs with its skillful goldsmith and their years of experience. Rest assured that your jewelry will be in good hands.

How much does it cost to repair a necklace?

Repairing necklaces change depending on the damage your jewelry has. Necklace repairing also includes different types of repairs such as chain untangling, chain shortening, hinge repair, and replacement.

Can jewelry be repaired?

Yes, all jewelry requires custom repairs depending on its damage. 

How can I fix my gold chain at home?

It is recommended that you bring your jewelry to a jewelry store or to a goldsmith as jewelry repair requires special equipment. 

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