• Oro Monaco™ offers two different warranties:-
        1. 1 Year Limited Warranty: This warranty includes fixing any mechanical issue on the box clasp and any missing stones on our cubic zirconia products.
        2. 30 Day Limited Warranty: This warranty includes protection on all products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of original purchase. During this warranty period, if a defect arises in the product, and you follow the instructions to return the product, Oro Monaco™ will, at its option, to the extent permitted by law, either (i) repair, (ii) replace with the same or similar product in new or similar condition, or (iii) issue a store credit or refund for the purchase price of the product.


        • Nothing shall obligate Oro Monaco™ to repair or replace materials resulting from excessive or abusive treatment of the merchandise.
        • Oro Monaco™ shall have no obligations to repair, replace, or refund until the defective product is examined by one of our experts.
        • When a refund or a store credit is given, the returned product becomes Oro Monaco’s property.
        • The warranties do not entitle you to replacements or refunds for lost or stolen items.
        • General wear and tear, misuse, accidental damage or scratches are not covered under the warranties.

        *NOTE: Proof of purchase such as order number or store receipt is required to submit a warranty claim. The authenticity certificate card that came with your order is also required when you submit a warranty claim in order for us to validate your purchase. If you do not have the proof of purchase and the authenticity certificate card, we cannot offer any of the warranties. No exceptions can be made.