What Is The Difference Between Monaco Chain And Miami Cuban Link Chain?

What is the Monaco Chain?

The Monaco Chain is an updated modern version of The Miami Cuban Link Chain where technology is involved to create the absolute perfect hollow, yet extremely strong and durable chain, for those who do not want to spend the premium dollar amount.

Is the Monaco Chain hollow?

Yes, It’s approximately 75% lighter than the solid Miami Cuban Link Chain (aka Curb Link Chain)

Is the Monaco Chain durable?

Many of you might ask if the Monaco Chain is durable or is it going to hold up to your everyday activities. The answer is absolutely yes! The Monaco Chain has countless patents for its unique technology to create the most durable hollow chain worldwide, and to be exact, the Monaco Chain holds up to 52 lbs on a tensile test which is very close to a solid chain.

How does the Monaco Chain sound since it’s hollow?

Obviously a hollow chain will never have the same “full-body” sound like a solid chain, but thanks to its technology and designing technique, they have managed to minimize the hollow sound to a minimum and has a fuller sound than any other hollow chain.

Monaco Chain vs. Miami Cuban link

Even though they look similar, The Monaco Chain is a technology based machine-made cuban link where every detail is calculated and perfectionated and will always look the same, whereas the Miami Cuban link is most commonly a handmade chain created by thousands of different manufacturers with no specific standard applied, therefore, they will all look slightly different and have different qualities depending on the manufacturer and the store you purchase it from.

Since the Miami Cuban link chain really is not a brand by itself, there is no specific standard of quality or consistency, whereas the Monaco Chain is a well-known brand that must maintain consistent quality in order to maintain its brand value and keep Monaco Chain customers satisfied regardless of which store they purchase from.


In general, we believe that the Monaco Chain is the best possible chain money can buy because of its elegant look, excellent finish, perfect polish, and durability, yet you end up paying 75% less than a solid Miami Cuban link chain. You technically spend less for a chain that combines eye-catching style with exceptional craftsmanship to create a one-of-a-kind piece that will make you the envy of many.

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