How to Store Your Jewelry?

Jewelry Store Ideas

We keep re-organizing and remodeling our living space constantly, but how well do we store our precious jewelry? Each piece of jewelry is crafted out of a different metal type and has its own soul and characteristics. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that they definitely expect a bit of love and comfort from you and we can all agree that the better you preserve your precious jewelry, the longer they will be serving and accompanying you... Having different properties and qualities, each jewelry therefore will require custom attention. 

Keeping them all in the same place can damage them, tangle them and they may lose their brilliance and luster over time. As Oro Monaco, we would be thrilled to share our expertise on how to store each piece of elegant jewelry in a proper way. If you are intrigued, keep on reading to learn different jewerly storage ideas and how to categorize your jewelry depending on its usage. We have prepared a list of creative solutions that can get you started on planning your own creative jewelry storage solutions which can work for all spaces and pieces of jewelry. Time to get organized!

  • Everyday jewelry: Those types of jewelry are the ones you would use every day and you would probably prefer to find them with ease. Therefore you need them somewhere you can grab & go quickly. This could be a chic dish on your countertop, a jewelry storage box, or a vanity table.
  • Outfit jewelry: Just like our bags and shoes do, every piece of jewelry needs a match in our wardrobe. As the name suggests itself, these jewelry types should be visible and be at service with special outfits. You can then store them by color, style (separating bracelets, necklaces, or rings and keeping them together), or in the set if you fancy wearing them together. 
  • Expensive or fine jewelry: All of your precious and expensive jewelry should be stored away from sunlight and ideally under room temperature where it is also dry and away from humidity. Additionally, there is another thing that every expert would agree on: Different types of metals need to be stored in different places or compartments. Protecting your precious jewelry’s first-day shine therefore highly depends on how you tend them. You can keep them in soft pouches, and boxes they have come with to prevent any damage, or corrosion as your jewelry can brush up or rub against each other if they all share the same room. Especially your fine chunky jewelry such as Monaco Chain Classic Pave Lock women’s choker, that you cannot do without needs their separate boxes or pouches. You can also make use of multilayered jewelry storage organizer boxes to protect them from dust and to keep them clean.

If you are looking for options to create jewelry storage for drawers, you can make use of fabric-lined boxes, and trays as well. Fabric will keep your jewelry safe and prevent any damage or minimal scratches that can happen in time. Alternatively, you can make use of decorative boxes, and drawer dividers as well. If you are a true collector of jewelry and wish to have a dedicated place for them, you can create a jewelry storage cabinet for your precious gems.

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As an important part of storing, keeping your pretty gems clean plays a significant role in maintaining your jewelry. Considering how frequently you tend to wear them, it is quite likely that they will soon appear a bit duller than their first day. All the built-up dirt, perfume, water, and environmental particles will create a layer on your jewelry. Luckily you can easily clean them with a simple solution at home. You can purchase these DIY solutions to use them in the comfort of your home. Once dipped in the solution and gently wiped with a damp cloth, your jewelry should be better than before!

We have listed how you can store all types of jewelry at home. Another tip that might come in handy is knowing how to store and pack your jewelry while you are moving or on the move. Jewelry can easily get tangled or damaged while traveling. We definitely suggest keeping them in separate boxes or compartments that you can take with you. It is also important to keep them away from your clothing so that they would not be snagging or damaging them. However, wearing the most expensive jewelry you own or having them on you is always the best idea while you are traveling. In this way, you would still be holding onto your precious jewelry or stones even if your luggage gets lost or damaged.

While moving, the same logic would still save your jewelry from any tarnish or damage. Additionally having put them in their cases or boxes, you can wrap those with bubble wraps or protective materials just to be on the safe side.

How do you store your jewelry?

Jewelry boxes with multi-compartments and drawers can also make wonders and provide amazing space-saving solutions for your jewelry.

How can you store jewelry at home?

Keep your jewelry at room temperature and low humidity. Do not store them somewhere that is exposed to direct sunlight.

How can you DIY store jewelry?

There are countless jewelry storage DIY options you can pick and create to store your jewelry.

You can create DIY hangers out of a cupboard, or corkboard, attach hooks on a piece of wood and hang them on your wall to use as a piece of jewelry storage on wall, paint your unused dishes, or picture frames or create different layers of storage with stacked plates. There are many other options to choose from. 

How can you store fine jewelry?

Fine jewelry should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight, and humidity. They should ideally be kept in boxes to prevent tarnishing. Most of the jewelry also come with their own high quality jewelry box. You can always use the Original Monaco Chain Boxes for travel, or storing solutions.

How do you hide jewelry at home?

Anyone has their secret hiding places in their home. False books, tapes, containers, false bin or drawer bottoms, floor safes, house plants, false wall outlets, and pet litter boxes are some of the creative places where you can hide your important items or jewelry. 

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