Most Popular Men's Bracelets

Whether you’re new to the world of men’s accessories or you feel you’re fairly confident about classic men’s bracelet designs, you may still benefit from brushing up on some of the more modern interpretations available out there. Read on to discover all you need to know about trendy gold men’s bracelets such as the Miami Cuban link and Monaco Chain™, as well as how to pick the best style for your next bracelet.

What is the difference between Monaco Chain™ and a Miami Cuban link chain?

When you think of classic men’s gold chains, the Miami Cuban link chain is perhaps the first to come to mind. A Miami Cuban link bracelet is essentially a chain of solid gold hoops, notable for its durability and statement-making appearance. Perhaps no social phenomenon has done more to popularize men’s Cuban link bracelets than hip-hop culture, where this design has been a mainstay for decades.

Emerging in recent years, Monaco Chain™ an innovative interpretation of the classic curb link chain — is a hollow gold chain, designed and manufactured with patented technology, to ensure perfection and quality every single time. This technology allows Monaco Chain™ to create hollow chains that are 75% more lightweight than the traditional Cuban link, yet just as durable, making their chains fit for daily use.

To learn more about Monaco Chain™’s technology and its comparison to the Miami Cuban link chain, check out: What is the Difference Between Monaco Chain™ and Miami Cuban Link Chain.

What are some popular men’s gold bracelet designs?

When it comes to finding real gold jewelry—particularly something like a real gold bracelet for men—most men have no clue where to even begin! For guys who are fairly new to the world of men’s bracelets, it may be a good idea to start out with a fairly standard option to test the waters first. Something like the Monaco Chain Classic Plain, for instance, would make for a great starter investment for any collection.

Those interested in going a bit bolder in their fashion choices or who would like to make a statement through their jewelry can also opt for gold men’s bracelets decorated with diamonds to really bring a wow factor to their jewelry. Overlaid on 10K or 14K yellow gold bracelets, the Monaco Chain Edge Swarovski is a great option for men who want to make sure they are the center of attention in any room they enter. For those who prefer a slightly more understated look, another elegant option is the Monaco ChainBaguette Lock with either the Classic or Edge chain design.

How are 14K gold chains different from 10K gold chains?

If you’re in the market to buy real gold jewelry, one of the first terms you’ll encounter is karats (abbreviated as K), which is a measurement of the purity of a piece of gold. Real gold bracelets are often in the 10K – 18K range, with higher numbers indicating a more malleable and hence a more fragile piece of gold. Therefore, when it comes to men’s yellow gold bracelets fit for everyday wear, it is best to opt for something that can withstand daily wear and tear, and remain durable throughout the years. That is why Monaco Chain offers men’s chains in 10K and 14K gold, with the 10K being slightly more durable than the 14K gold bracelets. However, both are very much fit for daily use without losing their luster for years to come.

If you’re in the market for 100% real gold chains, you won’t want to skip the men’s bracelet designs available at Oro Monaco. Start shopping today to take advantage of affordable prices as well as stellar customer service!


Most Popular Men's Bracelets

How should guys wear gold bracelets?

These days, it’s common to see men rocking gold bracelets with all the confidence in the world—and we are here for it! If you’re relatively new to the world of gold jewelry, you can start by opting for a simple chain to wear with your everyday jeans-and-a-T or suit-and-tie. You can also give it a whirl on your next date night. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, you can opt for a diamond-studded piece to pair with evening wear, or even to dress up casual wear!  

Where can I buy men’s bracelets?

Monaco Chain’s selection of men’s bracelets offers something for everyone, from traditional gold pieces to more eye-catching fashion gold chains. What’s more, each piece is customizable in terms of its metal purity (karats), its length, and its width, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for you. Enjoy your investment by shopping at Oro Monaco. 

Do guys wear gold bracelets on the left or right?

Whether men choose to wear their gold bracelets on the left or right has more to do with their preference than any fashion statement. One thing to consider is whether you often wear a watch and if you want your gold bracelet to be on the same arm as or on the opposite arm from your watch. So, for instance, a right-handed man who wears his watch on his left wrist may choose to wear his gold bracelet on his left hand (same side as his watch) or on his right hand (opposite side from his watch). It comes down to what you think looks good, feels right, and is overall the most comfortable.

What is the price of a gold bracelet for men?

The prices of gold bracelets for men vary widely depending on the gold’s purity, the brand, and the other ornamentations on the bracelet or the clasp. At Monaco Chain, you can find bracelets in a variety of price ranges and pick the best one for you.

Do bracelets look good on guys?

Yes, absolutely! Bracelets are a great unisex accessory that looks great on both women and men. Whether you wear them on their own or stacked, what’s most important is that you wear them with confidence—because confidence looks good on everyone!

Which brand is best for bracelets?

Although there are many brands out there offering bracelets at both budget-friendly, mid-range, and high-end price points, Monaco Chain stands out with its superb quality, affordable prices, and stellar customer service. Shop now and enjoy your investment!

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