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When it comes to real gold chains, there are certain trends that come and go—but there are also classic designs that stand the test of time. If you’re looking for the best chains for women, it's always good to know your options. If you want to make an informed decision as a buyer, we recommend checking out our guide to learn more about how you can pick the best chains for your particular wants and needs.


What are the different types of gold chain necklaces?

With a seemingly endless variety of gold chain models available on the market, it may be daunting to decide on a particular style. One of the best gold chains is Monaco Chain™, a modern and innovative take on the classic Miami Cuban link chain. Due to the solid structure of the Cuban link chain many may find that it’s hard to wear from day to night, as it’s a rather heavy chain.

Created with patented technology, Monaco Chain™ offers a lightweight yet equally durable alternative that is much more fit for daily use. 75% lighter than the classic curb link chain, the hollow yet durable structure (each chain can hold up to 52 lbs on a tensile scale test - close to a solid chain!) of Monaco Chain™ pieces ensures that you get the shine and glam of a solid-gold chain, for a much more affordable price.

In addition to the type of chain, you can also customize the look of the chain. For instance, Monaco Chain’s range of real gold necklaces for women offers two different styles of chains: Classic and Edge. While the Classic style is a timeless design fit for any occasion—like the Monaco Chain Classic Plain —the Edge series is a bit more bold, perfect for those seeking statement-making gold jewelry.

Of course, the type of chain isn’t the only important factor when it comes to picking out women’s necklaces. For some, a diamond chain may be the right design, offering a bit of sparkle to elevate the elegance of real gold jewelry. The Monaco Chain Edge Swarovski is the perfect combination of timeless elegance and chic glam. Another good option is the Monaco Chain Classic Pavé Lock, which combines the classic look of 100% real gold chains with a more subtle bling with its Swarovski crystal-studded clasp.


What is the best karat on a gold chain for women?

When it comes to women’s real gold jewelry, the karat number (indicated by the letter k) is an important selling point for most brands and an important consideration for most buyers. Indicating the gold’s level of purity, the karat number of women’s gold chains can range from 10k up to 24k, which is the purest level of gold available on the market. However, it helps to know that the purer the gold is, the more fragile the resulting women’s accessories are. For that reason, it’s most common to see 14k gold chain women’s jewelry for daily wear, and higher-karat pieces for special occasions. Monaco Chain offers women’s bracelets and necklaces in 10k gold chains and 14k gold chains.

If you’re in the market for fashion gold chains that won’t break the bank, look no further than Monaco Chain’s collection of affordable, high-quality, and customizable gold chains. Whether you are starting your collection or simply looking to add new pieces to your existing selection, Monaco Chain’s exceptional customer service means you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Enjoy your investment with Oro Monaco!


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What is a good size chain for women?

The best size chain for women will depend on many factors, such as what kind of use the chain is intended for, or simply the wearer’s preference. Wider chains make more of a statement, whereas slimmer chains are perfect for layering or daily use.

What is the most popular chain style for women?

Women’s Miami Cuban links are an all-time staple, but in recent years the Monaco Chain style has also become massively popular.

What is the most popular chain necklace?

It’s hard to pick out a singular style of chain necklace that is most popular for women, as these necklaces can easily be customized. What’s most important is that you pick out a chain necklace that speaks to you so you can cherish it for years to come!


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