¿Cambia de Color el Oro Real?

Gold has been around since the dawn of time, and it never ceased to mesmerize different civilizations with its brilliance, durability, and elegant appearance. Even now gold still remains a symbol of wealth thanks to its different styles and colors such as; white, yellow, black, purple, and rose gold. Each gold color presents a different feeling and style however the most popular ones have always been yellow, white, and rose gold.


With its ever-increasing popularity, a more affordable and faux version of gold-colored jewelry has also become a global trend. As hard as it seems, you can tell the difference between real gold and fake gold jewelry through a few simple steps you can do at home. Here we have compiled a list of useful steps to test the genuinely of any gold jewelry.

How to Test if Gold is Real at Home?

Want to find out the reason behind color changing gold earrings, necklaces, or bracelets? Here are some of the easy tests you can do at home:

  • Drop your gold jewelry into a jug filled with water. Gold is quite a dense metal that will directly sink into the water. If your jewelry floats, it is not made of real gold.
  • Real gold does not change color. If you observe discolored gold, then your gold jewelry is not real. You can also test it by applying droplets of vinegar or putting your gold jewelry underwater to see if it changes its color.
  • Observe any tarnishes or damages that might be caused due to time. Real gold should not expose to any different color if it gets damaged or tarnished. You can check the edges of your jewelry to see any wear marks and if any other color is exposed. Gold-plated jewelry often rubs off in time.
  • Colored wear marks also indicate that your jewelry is not 100% genuine. Real gold does not react to oil, or sweat therefore it does not leave any colored marks on your skin. If your jewelry leaves green or black marks after you have worn them, they are not a hundred percent real gold as real gold does not leave any colored mark on your skin.
  • Gold does not react to magnets. You can test your jewelry with a strong magnet. If it is pulled by its force, it is a strong indication that it is not real.
  • Check for the number on your jewelry. Gold jewelry should have numbers engraved on or inside them. These numbers give information about its karat. These can generally be found on the inner side of the rings or bracelets while necklaces they can be found on the clasps.
  • Alternatively, you can check your gold jewelry’s density by taking it to a jewelry store. They can weigh your jewelry.
  • Ideally, you can purchase a gold testing kit to see if your jewelry is made of real gold or not. You can find those test kits online.
  • Rub your gold into a black stone. There will be visible streaks and then test the marks with acid. Anything that is not gold will be dissolved by acid.

All in all, gold does not really change its color. But since it is quite a soft metal, it is mixed with other metals to create an alloy. Therefore, gold can show its base elements’ color if it is deeply damaged. However under normal conditions when it is maintained properly, the surface of the gold can only get oxidized. This layer can be cleaned by jewelry stores. You can also clean them by DIY solutions or purchasing the solution online. Once dipped into it, gold should regain its brilliance and original color.

How to tell if gold is real?

How to tell if gold is real?

You can try all the steps we have listed above to test your gold

How to know if gold is real?

Real gold does not change color and it sinks when put into water.

How to check if gold is real with a lighter?

If you test gold with lighter and it turns into black it is not real gold.

How to tell if a gold chain is real?

Alternatively, you can take it to a jewelry store to see if it is real.

How to tell if a necklace is real gold?

At home, you can easily test it with water, or magnets to check if it is real or not.

How to tell if a ring is real gold?

Apart from testing water and magnet test, you can try the lighter technique to observe any color changes. If it changes color, your ring is unfortunately not made of real gold.

Does 14k gold tarnish and lose its color?

Gold can lose its shine and vibrant yellow color in time due to the chemicals and water it is exposed to. However, it is a metal that is quite resistant to tarnish and corrosion.  

Does 18k gold tarnish?

Gold can protect its form and brilliance if it is looked after properly. Otherwise, it can get tarnished over the years.

Does gold oxidize?

Gold can get darker in time due to its exposure to oxygen and wet seasons as in summer; gold earrings changing color might be a common issue for many during this season. However, you can protect its shine and take care of your gold jewelry by purchasing a solution removing oxidized layer that builds up in time.

Does white gold change color?

Under normal conditions, gold should not change color. However, due to use and time, it may get scratched and tarnished which can damage the cosmetic look of the gold.

Does gold plated jewelry change color?

Plated gold should rub off after a while and lose its color.

Can you change white gold to yellow gold?

White gold cannot be changed to yellow gold.

Can you change yellow gold to white gold?

Yellow gold cannot be changed to white gold. It needs to be coated with rhodium.

Does 18k gold change color?

Any jewelry that is made of pure gold should not change its color. Therefore, 18k gold discoloration should not happen easily.

Does 14k gold change color?

Whether it is 18k, 14k, or 10k, real gold does not change color.

Does 10k gold change color?

Anything made out of pure gold will not change its color.

Does real gold turn green?

Real gold does not turn green. What if your gold ring turned copper color? If it also leaves a green mark on your finger, it is likely that its base material is copper. 

Does 18k gold tarnish and can you shower with gold on?

Gold is a metal that's resistant to corrosion. Water does not damage gold however it may cause it to lose its shine over time. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear your gold jewelry in the shower as it can tarnish gold over time.

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