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Over the past few decades, hip-hop has grown from a rather underground genre to an umbrella term for a whole lifestyle. Thanks in part to the growing popularity of hip-hop music and the artists who create the sound, hip-hop fashion has carved out a whole segment for itself in consumer culture. From rapper rings to iced out pendants, it seems we can't get enough of all the bling on our favorite stars. 

If you're keen to start wearing hip-hop chains but don't have a clue where to begin, we've got you covered. Read on to discover the best and most practical ways to incorporate iced-out chains into your daily life. 

Best Hip-Hop Jewelry

When it comes to wearing hip-hop jewelry in day-to-day life, a little forethought can go a long way. After all, you want to look and feel good wearing your rapper-inspired jewelry, and match your jewelry to your style. The first thing to think about when choosing the perfect pieces for you is to consider your jewelry preferences in general: Do you love to wear rings and bracelets, or do they make life more difficult for you while typing away at your laptop all day? How do you feel about earrings — do you display them proudly, or do you find them unnecessary, perhaps because your hair covers them up anyway? And what about necklaces — do you enjoy wearing them at all? Would you rather wear one necklace, or do you prefer a fuller look of several necklaces stacked together? Determining how you feel about jewelry as a whole is a great way to begin thinking about which elements of hip-hop jewelry you can incorporate into your life.

Rapper chains are the first type of jewelry that springs to mind for a hip-hop-inspired look. These chains are often made with 100% real gold and are popular as both necklace and bracelet designs. When worn around the neck, these chains are often stacked on top of one another for a gleaming, maximalist look. Since vintage fashion is very much in these days, that means 90s hip hop jewelry is also back, with plenty of rappers sporting both yellow gold and iced out chains, either solo or stacked with other pieces.

If you want to recreate the look, the best place to start is to invest in classic hip hop gold chains that you can wear for years to come — like the Monaco ChainTM CLASSIC Plain in 10k or 14k yellow gold. Want to go for the layered look? Try stacking chains in a variety of widths, or even pairing your classic gold chains with iced-out clasps. 

Another popular element of hip-hop bling is iced-out jewelry, aka pieces studded with diamonds (or diamond resembling stones, such as cubic zirconia). On the stage, the iced-out look can mean a full-on diamond-clad ensemble of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even other forms of body jewelry — great under stage lights and for the camera, but perhaps not so much in your next board meeting.

The good news is that the iced-out look can be emulated in a more toned-down way for daily wear. Try experimenting with a sparkling ring or some statement earrings here and there, and if you find that you enjoy the look, you can elevate your style even further with something like the Monaco ChainTM CLASSIC Pavé Lock bracelet. If you're ready to go full out, try out the Monaco ChainTM EDGE Swarovski Collection — fully studded with Swarovski crystals, this is a piece that just screams hip-hop necklace. Although it may seem overwhelming, these chains add style to any outfit, even your day-to-day jeans and a T-shirt outfits!

Women’s hip-hop jewelry has also been on the rise in recent years, thanks to the growing popularity of women hip-hop artists over the past several decades. For women, hip hop earrings are a huge part of the look. They can range from simple to outrageously large gold hoops, as well as iced-out earrings that dangle down to the shoulders. Similar to their male counterparts, women rappers also love the look of gold chains. One really cool way women have been wearing their hip hop-inspired necklaces in recent years is to mix and match 100% gold chains with diamond-studded pieces, often layering them for a gleaming stacked look.

If you want to try the rapper look but don’t think you can pull off a diamond necklace layered on top of several gold chains, you can adapt the style by choosing a piece that combines gold with minimal bling, like the Monaco ChainTM CLASSIC Baguette Lock necklace. Another option is to pair a simple gold chain with a more iced out bracelet. Try the Monaco ChainTM EDGE Plain necklace in 10k or 14k yellow gold alongside the Monaco ChainTM EDGE Swarovski bracelet for a look that offers the best of both worlds.


What is hip-hop jewelry called?

Although hip-hop jewelry doesn’t have an official definition, it’s one of those terms that immediately conjure up an image in everyone’s mind. It can sometimes be called rapper jewelry, as rap stars most popularly wear hip-hop jewelry. It’s important to note that hip-hop jewelry is a gender-inclusive term, so it can offer both men’s and women’s jewelry, which often comes in 100% real gold or in diamond-studded designs.

Where do rappers buy their jewelry?

Real iced out chains don’t come cheap for rappers, and they often shop from jewelers who cater exclusively to a high-tier clientele of hip-hop artists and other celebrities, generally in Hollywood. Some rappers prefer to get custom-designed pieces, while others may be gifted such designs by brands themselves. This all means that most of the jewelry rappers buy isn’t even available for us regular consumers to purchase—but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an affordable rapper necklace for yourself! Try Monaco ChainTM’s reasonably priced, high-quality designs for jewelry that won’t go out of style. You can shop all the styles now at! 

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