¿Qué es una Cadena de Eslabones Cubanos?

One of the most popular chains, recently even more popularized by celebrity and hip hop culture, is the classic curb link chainAlso known as gourmette or grumetta, the curb gold chain is a perfect wear-alone statement or a versatile complimentary piece that is suitable for any outfit and any style. The name curb link itself actually comes from the curb chain that is tied to the mouthpieces used for horseback riding. 

Curb links consist of flattened, smooth twisted links that fit together tightly to form a chain and are quite a popular variation of traditional cable chain designs. They come in fine formations at around 1mm and much chunkier variations, which are perfect for making statement necklaces. Curb link chain jewelry is known for its durability. These chains are also favored by many due to their versatility. Whether they are short, long, gold or silver, thin or thick, they are always cherished by everyone. 

Is a Curb Chain a Cuban Chain?

A popular question is what is the difference between Cuban link and curb chain? While curb vs Cuban link may seem like exactly the same chain at first, there are actually structural differences between the curb link chain vs Cuban link chain. The curb link chain has rounder and looser fitting links while Cuban chains have tighter fitting links, giving the chain a slightly more woven look. 

A-Z Curb Link Chains and How to Style Them

Curb chains offer a slight departure from the classic rope jewelry chain type, and are popular in very fine designs around 1mm and thicker variations, perfect for any occasion and any collection. They can be styled with different layers and sizes of curb chains to make a statement to any style.

Before we deep dive into how to style a curb link chain for different looks, let’s explore the world of chains first. There are different designs available for a curb style chain that goes with any style. Whether it is a casual or a stylish outfit in need of a complimentary piece, curb chains can elevate any style they touch upon.

Curb link chains offer quite a versatile style due to its width, length, metal type, and chain style. This versatility offers a perfect match for many women and men that are after an effortless yet chic style. 3.5 mm Cuban link chain is a thin alternative that can be used with or without a stylish pendant. This gold curb link chain does not oxidize or get tarnished once it is looked after well and it is there to make a statement in your style for years to come. You can comfortably wear curb links as they are flat chains that rest on your neck or wrist effortlessly.

4 mm curb chain and 5 mm curb chain provide a thicker alternative and a perfect match for a casual fit with jeans and basic shirts, sweatpants, or fancy dresses. With its mid-width chain it complements any outfit regardless of if it is formal or casual. Men's curb chain necklace models also offer thicker alternatives such as 6mm curb chain or 7mm curb chain necklaces going all the way up to 13 mm, 15mm, 17mm or even higher. For those who wish to highlight their accessories, diamond cut curb chain necklaces offer a perfect option.

As we discovered, there is a vast sea of options to pick from. How do you know which chain is right for you? Let’s start with your preferred colors first. Flat curb chain jewelry styles come with silver curb chain styles allowing more cool-toned wardrobes to have a stylish touch. If your wardrobe is on the side of greys, cool-toned blues, and blacks, a silver curb chain is the way to go. If your wardrobe is dominated by warm-toned colors such as oranges, browns, and nude colors, there is nothing better than a gold curb chain link to complement your chic style.

Same goes for men as well. Curb chains are not only loved by women, but any man who wants to add a stylish touch to their outfit can make use of men’s silver curb chain, or sterling silver curb chain.

You are now ready to pick your favorite curb chain, congratulations! Before you go ahead, one more tip; always make sure you are one step ahead of the trends. Renowned stylist Rachel Zoe's 2023 jewelry trends will offer versatile styles: “Another trend that I love for this season is jewelry on or as clothing," shares Zoe, adding that the "embellishments on some of the runway looks have been spectacular! This isn’t always a practical trend for the average consumer, but a great way to implement this into your everyday look is by wearing your jewelry over clothes. Necklaces over high-neck tops, bracelets over your sleeves rather than under—this allows for the jewelry to really pop.” A curb link chain is undoubted will become the essential piece of 2023 as they can be worn both under and over any outfit.

At Monaco Chain, we follow the latest trends closely and offer exquisite chains for males and females who are looking forward to making a statement with their style wherever they go. Explore our collection of chains now to get ready for 2023.

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What is a Curb Link Chain?

Curb chains are flattened, twisted links that fit together tightly to form a chain. It is also easy to rest the curb link chain on your chest because the joints are flat.

What does curb mean on a chain?

The links of a curb chain necklace also called a gourmette or grumetta, are twisted to form a secure interlocking connection. Its name comes from the fact that this particular type of chain was initially used to curb or rein in horses by securing them under their jaws.

Is the curb link the same as the Cuban link?

Although both chains may seem similar at first, curb links and Cuban links have small differences in their structure. Cuban necklaces have a rounder, bolder and thicker look than curb necklaces. The links are fitted closer together, giving the chains a woven look. 

How do you wear a curb chain?

A curb chain is a great accessory that goes with any style. You can wear them under your shirt or reveal them to make a statement. For a classic look, choose a monochromatic sweater or t-shirt and a thinner gold chain.

Are curb link chains strong?

Due to their interwoven structure, curb links are strong and durable chains. If you're looking for extra security, you can always opt for a thicker chain. 

What is the difference between a curb chain and a cable chain?

The main difference between curb chains and cable chains is that curb chains consist of links that are flattened so that each link fits perfectly on your neck or wrist, whereas cable link chains are not flattened. 

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