Cómo Combinar la Ropa con la Joyería

How to accessorize jewelry with your outfit?

Being elegant and classy is almost like creating an art piece, in this case, you have the whole canvas of you and you just need to learn how to master it. Outfit combination offers everyone the perfect opportunity to reflect their unique style and energy while at the same time every outfit deserves its match in heaven; jewelry that mirrors your unique personality. Although it might often come off as a tedious process, once you pick up a few tips and tricks, you should be able to create that polished and dreamy outfit combination with the perfect and trendy jewelry

As Oro Monaco, we would be happy to assist you with various tips on how to create the best outfit combos with stylish jewelry for different occasions and purposes.

  • Color wheel technique: If you love outfit color combinations, you will love the color wheel technique. For combining your clothes with jewelry, you might need to tap into your primary school art knowledge base. The color wheel is an absolute helper especially when you are indecisive about which outfit to combine with what accessories or jewelry. There are two techniques you can implement to create a more holistic and sophisticated style:
  1. Pick the color of your outfit on the color wheel and then pick the color on the opposite side. This should create a nice balance and contrast in your appearance. For example, if you are wearing a purple dress, you might want to complete your outfit with gold-colored jewelry as the color wheel indicates yellow as purple’s complementary color.
  2. Pick the color of your outfit and then move to the next color on the color wheel to create a softer look. In this way, your outfit and the accessories would be in the same color family, and you would still be achieving a complimentary yet subtle look. 

These two simple techniques should help you design the best outfit color combinations that could get you compliments.

  • Elevate your style with diamonds: Outfit combos with diamonds can never go wrong so it always comes to keep diamond studs ready at a corner of your jewelry box. Every outfit and style can be turned into something completely stylish and elegant with a bright touch of chic diamonds. Those precious gems will also help you to achieve an effortless look without overdoing anything. Even if you are not comfortable with wearing your diamonds on a daily basis, you can go with the faux versions of them to get a similar effect. 
  • Maintain the balance: If you think you are overdressed, you can tone down the accessories and pieces of jewelry to achieve a more balanced and definitely not overwhelming look. If you think you are keeping it simple with your outfit, then you can layer your accessories, bracelets, rings, necklaces, or use chunky jewelry to draw attention to your jewelry. It is important to keep balance and avoid wearing everything at once even though all pieces match. 
  • Bring out your shine on special occasions: Weddings, birthdays, parties, and cocktails are some of the many special occasions that you want to bring your shine out and make a statement with your jewelry and outfit. Needless to say, these occasions are generally where our fine and stylish jewelry is under the spotlight. More luxury balanced out with your evening gown will complete the look and give you an elegant style. If your dress is simple, you can add a dazzling effect to your precious jewelry and draw attention to them. Our Monaco Chain Classic Diamond Cut women’s necklace might be a perfect addition to elevate your style. If your dress is a stunner or has busy patterns, you might want to keep it simple with your accessories but still add style. For men, chic cufflinks might be a savior for many occasions from business meetings to weddings, or any type of celebration gatherings. Before you go out, always check yourself in a mirror to see if everything seamlessly blends and compliments each other.
Combination with Jewelry

All in all, being elegant and stylish depend on how others perceive you and this is shaped by our behaviors, appearance, and style. With these simple tips and tricks, you can fashion jewelry necklaces, earrings, and rings easily and effortlessly without compromising your style. 

How do I choose an outfit for jewelry?

Defining the look you want to achieve, and deciding on your outfit are the two essential steps that can help you make a better choice in regard to your jewelry. If you want to keep your outfit simple, you can elevate your style with jewelry or vice versa.

How do you mix and match jewelry?

Layering jewelry has been a never-ending trend, especially when it comes to mixed metal jewelry. You can try layering with the same or mixed metal pieces of jewelry, pick jewelry that will be the center of attention, or create your own mix and match with similar shapes and styles.

What jewelry goes with everything?

As we said before, diamonds can never fail you. Small diamond necklaces can go with a casual outfit or an elegant dress. You might choose a ring that you can wear every day as well. Delicate necklaces with thin chains and a little charm in the middle can also accompany you on your daily routine. Additionally, simple earring styles like diamond studs and small hoops should save the day.

How do I make my jewelry look classy?

Even if you are pulling off lazy cute outfits day, you can effortlessly elevate your style at a stroke. If you are a fan of watches, you can definitely combine your jewelry and cute outfit combos with a chic watch, a tennis bracelet, and sunglasses. 

What jewelry do men wear most?

Fashioning outfit combinations for guys with jewelry is quite simple and time-saving. Many men wear rings, chains, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, and piercings. If you are interested in men jewelry, you can explore Monaco Chain Edge Plain men’s bracelet with stunning details and so many other products with striking handcraft.

What is the most popular jewelry?

Simple chain jewelry, tennis bracelets, pearl, and diamond studs, stacking rings and buildable charm bracelets remain a popular choice for many. 

What type of jewelry is good for everyday use?

Our best seller Monaco Chain Classic Pave Lock women’s choker is perfect for everyday usage and great jewelry to elevate any style.

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